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Amanda Aitken has been a professional commercial photographer since 2002. Prior to that she spent 8 years in photo labs processing film and amatuer shooting, so an understanding of light and colour is second nature.

The mission is to capture the true essence of her environment, with intent and drive for unsurpassed quality.

This gallery is focused on work that may be relevant to Six Senses by way of landscape, people, hospitality, facilities, architecture and lifestyle.

Amanda's fine tuned technical skills are well balanced with emotional connection, to create images which portray your story in an inspiring way, to look and feel beautiful.
She is a problem solver, and will take control of situations which require thinking outside the box while keeping a level calm manner. Large scale projects which require co-ordinating with many people are handled with efficiency, often working with the help of Amanda's assistant Theresa, who has been with the company for 4 years.

Amanda is happy to travel anywhere in the world and will always go above and beyond expectations.

[email protected]
021 127 5061