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I LOVE fog. And anything that resembles mystery, softness, often complimented with clarity. I enjoy the alternative views that drone flights reveal. On the flip side I'm also drawn to a gritty vibe. Might be a wee bit all over the place! But this is a view of my journey over the last 22 years.

All images copyright Amanda Aitken Photography
Waikato DawnNgorongoro Crater, Tanzania, AfricaTe Paki Sand Dunes, New ZealandMatauri Bay, New ZealandMount Maunganui Harbour, New Zealand_IV_0435_083_crop2_LOWRES_MG_7085-2_LOWRESNatural ArchitectureLake Taupo, New Zealandreflection and claritylove of fogWaihi, New ZealandClear waters of Matauri BayOhiwa Bay, New ZealandWanaka, New ZealandDuck at DawnNew York SubwayCathedral CoveLondon Night SceneNZ Police Search and Rescue Drill - shot on film