1. Licence Terms:

    Amanda Aitken Photography holds copyright for all photographic works unless agreed otherwise. A licence holder is the business or individual whom purchases the rights (a licence) to use the images. Unless otherwise stated, the images may be used for any form of advertising or promotion, provided the use is for the sole benefit of the licence holder. Any other business or individual gaining commercial and/or financial benefit from the use of the images must obtain a licence. Please direct them to Amanda Aitken Photography for a quote.

    As a courtesy, images will not be passed on to other parties until the original licence holder has either given permission or used the images in their marketing, within a reasonable time frame of approximately 3 months.


  2. Licensing Options:


    Copyright Release Fee (in addition to shoot cost):

    ​​​• 150% of shoot cost (including Post Production). 

    This means you own the images. You have full copyright and full control, which includes the ability to on-sell (licence) the images for your own benefit. I no longer have any rights to them and need permission to use them in my own marketing. 


  1. Exclusive Use Fee (in addition to shoot cost):

    • 1 year: 50% of the shoot cost (including Post Production).
    • 2 years: 100% of the shoot cost (including Post Production).

    During this time, the images are not able to be sold on to other parties. After the relevant period of time, the images roll over to a standard licence, and are open for other parties to purchase. 


    If other parties wish to purchase a licence, the following applies:

  2. 50% of total shoot cost (including Post Production) if requested before the shoot.
  3. 75% of total shoot cost (including Post Production) if requested after the shoot.
  4. Per Image - those who only want a few - $100 initial image, $50 per each additional image