Copyright Explained


Just like music, paintings, architectural plans - any other form of creative work or intellectual property - the ownership (copyright) remains with the creator.


The images I produce are essentially a product which has marketing value, often to many different businesses. The work I create is my only source of income for the business, and is therefore protected by copyright as per NZ industry standards for commercial photographers. 


Copyright belongs to Amanda Aitken Photography Ltd, and work is licensed to each client. There are NO RESTRICTIONS on how, where or how long the client can use the images within their business. But if another business wants to promote their own brand with the images (or what ever commercial use they may have), they would need to purchase a licence from us. 


Standard costs are based on a non-exclusive licence. This means that we can licence the images to other parties - but approval will always be gained before releasing images, so the client always knows where they should (and shouldn't) be.

-  Images will not be released to another business if there is a conflict of interest with that party and the client.

- We offer a reasonable time frame where the client can use the images exclusively, before releasing to other parties - 3 months or mutually agreed. 

- Discounted rates are offered if multiple parties wish to purchase images before the shoot (enquire for Multiple Licence Rates). If you know of another business interested it is advised to get them on board at the start, so that everyone can benefit from the discounted rate, but more importantly there is less disruption to your client. 

- As part of our licensing terms, subsequent businesses who purchase a licence must tag any social media posts to the original client. Amanda Aitken Photography provides the client's correct tags (if any) on the invoice.


If a client wants to own the images and have full control (own copyright), the relative fees are based on the fact that Amanda Aitken Photography Ltd is no longer able to gain any further business with the work. 


We understand it's all about education, particularly when there are many businesses wishing to use the images. I aim to be fair and transparent in all my practices, as licensing is a key part of my business. If there is any uncertainty, please call us for a chat and we can work out the best solution for you. 


I've been in the industry since I was 14 years old and working as a full time professional photographer since 2002. It's taken years of experience, professional development, top-of-the-line gear to produce what you see. Post production involves working in close detail with every image, offering many photoshop fix ups as standard, to ensure you have the best quality. The result is a product that can create a big impact on your branding for many years to come. 


Thanks for taking the time to read!


If work can be credited, please use "photography by Amanda Aitken Photography"

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