This is a general guide to help you prepare your home for a photo shoot. 

Things may still need to be moved around according to different angles, but if you are able to do what you can to prepare, this will help minimise disruption and ensure the photographer’s time is used efficiently. 



Lawns mowed.

Hoses away (in garage).   

Ensure sprinkler timers are off. 

Cars out of sight. 

Remove washing from line (unless completely out of sight).


Living Areas:    

Toys and exercise equipment away.

Clear floors and surfaces of clutter. 

Any excess chairs removed. 

Door mats removed. 



Clear vanities of everything except ornamentals. 

Hide away bottles from shower. 



Make beds so that mattress or sheets are not showing from the sides.

De-clutter side tables. Books and small ornamentals are fine. 


Dirty windows do show up, especially at dusk. Clean windows can make a big difference. 

Normally secondary bedrooms are not photographed unless they have special features, so no need to go through the effort of tidying these unless we have requested. 


As Amanda Aitken Photography holds copyright for the images, they must not be passed on to other businesses for their own commercial use. Owners are welcome to have the images for personal use. Also included is a complimentary licence for the home owner to use the images for real estate or holiday accomodation websites. 


If you have any questions at all, please get in touch.