New Zealand photographer/videographer based in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.


I craft and capture for the architect, builder, interior designer, hotel and resort owner, landscaper... (you get the idea), and any business who feels drawn to my style of work and needs media for their campaign or online presence. 


Camera in hand or not, seeking light is an obsession of mine. I'm drawn to finding beauty, clarity, connection and form. Capturing a story of unique visuals that are often observational and always impactful.


At the age of 14, I started in the photo lab printing in the days of film. That lasted 8 years and saw the emergence of the digital revolution. My professional photography career began in London in 2002 shooting homes for a marketing firm as Head Photographer for a team of up to 10 photographers - responsible for their creative performance and looking after high profile clients.


Since establishing back home in NZ in 2006, my work ethic is to constantly refine my craft, push creative boundaries and offer clients a positive, professional experience. Coming from a smaller city I’ve had to wear many hats - still camera, motion camera (often at the same time), creative director, producer (pre and post production), sound… all those extra jobs that large projects entail. My calm manner and level head has proved worthy in times of pressure over the last 21 years working the camera. 


I enjoy collaboration with clients and creatives, and aim to deliver over and above every time. And I’m just as comfortable exploring creative possibilities using my own initiative.


On a personal level, I enjoy whanau time with my husband and 2 girls. Climbing mountains (especially my local mountain Mauao) and kayaking. With a history of travel, diving the Red Sea in Egypt, swimming with Great Whites, body boarding the Zambezi River Rapids, and hanging out of helicopters, I love adventure and always up for a challenge!


If you’re after stills and/or motion for your project, get in touch to see how we can work together to create some inspiring content.


Thanks for visiting.