Amanda Aitken Photography | About

"A fastidious New Zealand photographer specialising in architecture and interior photography."


Amanda's drive for perfection in her imagery is clear. Strong relationships with clients prove her dedication to understanding their needs, contributing ideas and going the extra mile. Amanda delivers. She captures the essence of property - in all realms. Whether it be a collaboration with other creatives, or purely her own instincts, Amanda’s motivation never falters.


Amanda’s eye for aesthetics was instilled early in her teens; born from an innate talent for the pure artistry of photography. At 14 yrs old, a fine-tuned knowledge of the technical aspects was then polished over eight years in labs printing for pros in the days of film.


Moving to London in 2002, Amanda’s world of professional photography began. Photographing top-end properties for a leading property marketing firm, and rapidly progressing to Head Photographer, recruiting and training a team up to 10 other photographers. The UK is a pressure-cooker arena where high-profile clients demand the best. In this business there is no compromise. Quality is essential. Amanda excelled, expanding her reputation over the next five years.


Back home in New Zealand since 2007, her extensive portfolio covers residential and commercial property; from architectural, industrial and corporate briefs; to editorial, real estate, interior design, resort accommodation, along with advertising/promotional and product photography. 


Innovation…Impact…Inspiration…Influence - The pursuit of these qualities lie in each shot taken.