Copyright Explained


Just like music, paintings, architectural plans - or any other form of creative work or intellectual property - the ownership (copyright) should remain with the creator.


Copyright is held by Amanda Aitken Photography for all works created, and the work is licensed to the client as a "licence holder". Unless otherwise stated, costs are based on a single licence. The terms of this licence are outlined below. If a client would like further rights to the images (eg. exclusivity, copyright ownership or basically control of the rights to the images), relevant fees would apply. 



Single Licence Terms


Work created by Amanda Aitken Photography may be used in any way for an unlimited time, provided the use is for the primary benefit of the licence holder

Works must not be passed on to other parties (business or individuals) for use relating to that party's own commercial and/or financial gain. A separate licence must be obtained. This includes magazine editorials and real estate listings. All requests must be sent to


Amanda Aitken offers exclusivity if needed for a reasonable time frame of around 3 months, therefore will not licence the images to other parties during that time unless the client has given permission. After 3 months, as a courtesy, Amanda Aitken Photography will always inform the client of any further licensing enquiries. If the client wishes to prevent or control licensing the works to other parties, a fee for exclusive rights would apply. Exceptions will be given if there is a clear conflict of interest with the third party and the client.


I understand that usage can get complicated, particularly when there are multiple businesses wishing to use the images. I aim to be fair and transparent in all my practices, as licensing is a key part of my business. If there is any uncertainty, please contact us and we will guide you through the process.


If work can be credited, please use "photography by Amanda Aitken Photography".


Thank you.